Can I purchase more than one quantity?

Yes. You may purchase as many as you like. Each purchase will be viable in up to 3 personal devices.

Can I email files?

No. MacawPress’ encrypts all files for security and copyright purposes that does not allow sharing of files.

How can I view purchased publications?

Download the Flux Player app on to your computer or mobile device. You may find detailed instructions here. USER INSTRUCTIONS LINK.

Can I use my iPad or iPhone to view purchased content?

Yes! Our app is fully compatible with Mac and iOS devices.

In how many devices can I view my content.

You may view your content in three personal devices simultaneously

Can I purchase content for a group of users?

Yes. Please contact us for details via info@macawpress.com

My device was lost or stolen, how can I retrieve my purchased content?

No worries! Contact our customer service department to grant access to your purchased content. We recommend changing all password.

Can I print my content?

Yes. You may print your content once.

What if I lost my print copy?

Please contact our customer service department via info@macawpress.com