Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Do you have a publication you would like to share with the world?

Let MacawPress help you!

What does MacawPress provide?

We provide authors of great works a distribution alternative from big-house publishers to this new platform, gaining access to readers across the globe. Researchers will be able to discover and collaborate with each other, bringing them together and eliminating geographic barriers.

How does MacawPress bring a Solution?

MacawPress recognizes the hard work of very talented individuals who never had the opportunity or resource to publish their work. Therefore, we have developed a platform free of cost, where they will broadcast their findings, research and knowledge, as well as leave a mark in the academic world when thought to be impossible!

MacawPress has a highly qualified team of editors and developers who can analyze your publications and make them available on

Benefits of partnering

  • No upfront fees
  • Live reporting on publication's performance
  • Dedicated marketing for your publications
  • Multilingual support staff
  • Direct reach to over 3000 universities and research institutes in the world

The Macaw Process

For more information on how to partner with MacawPress, please contact us via