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Save Even More With the MacawPress Promotions

At the MacawPress online bookstore, our goal is to make information as accessible as possible for the most people. In an effort to achieve that goal and reward our loyal customers, we are running a few special promotions. If you buy more than five books from our online bookstore, then you qualify to enter a raffle for a free Kindle. If you buy 10 or more books, then you are entered into a raffle to win a free iPad Mini!

On top of that, MacawPress will donate 5% to a charity of your choosing. You have a chance to win every six months. Just think of how much weight you could save in your backpack or bag with all of your books on a tablet! To learn more about our current promotions at the MacawPress online bookstore, please feel free to contact us today.

Why choose the MacawPress online bookstore for your books and textbooks?

  • • Great specials and no big-publisher pricing to save you money
  • • We offer an ever-expanding selection of textbooks and research — some for free
  • • MacawPress has been serving more than 20 countries for over 10 years
  • • Experience working with students, professors, school administrators, and more
  • • We’re doing our part to further knowledge and make it accessible on a global scale
  • • Digital, print-out, and physical copies of books available for a variety of books