Office Ergonomics and Human Factors : Practical Applications, Second Edition

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Author(s): Céline McKeown

Just like the previous edition, this new edition aims to provide practical advice on how to create, develop, or improve office environments so that those individuals who work within them can do so comfortably and contently. Those environments include traditional purpose-built offices, home offices, vehicle interiors, or transient environments like train stations, hotels, and airports. Technology has changed radically since the first edition published in 2007. The new edition has been completely updated and offers simple, practical and effective advice that can be employed easily in any office environment, whether typical or atypical.


  • Provides up-to-date advice on working with handheld devices and computers
  • Outlines what can be done in non-office environments to make the worker more comfortable
  • Offers updated case studies, which are more relevant to today's work, made possible by ever-advancing technology
  • Includes an expanded section on accommodating workers with disabilities and covers new options available to assist the disabled so they can work effectively and comfortably
  • Deals with the hidden area of work-related manual handling inside and outside the office


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