Constructed Wetlands : Hydraulic Design

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Author(s): Saeid Eslamian, Saeid Okhravi, Faezeh Eslamian

Constructed Wetlands: Hydraulic Design provides fundamental information on internal wetland hydraulic and biochemical processes, as well as practical guidance on the effective design of wetlands for water treatment. It includes the latest innovations and technological advances of constructed wetlands based on the newest technologies in the field.




  • Explains how various pollutants are either retained or removed from treatment systems
  • Examines system geometry, flow rate, inlet-outlet configurations, and more
  • Offers useful guidance and tools to practitioners for designing wastewater treatment structures naturally and optimally
  • Introduces the various aspects of hydraulic engineering through porous media

This book will serve as a valuable resource for practicing professionals, researchers, policy makers, and students seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of the hydraulic processes involved in constructed wetlands water treatment systems.




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