Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products and Processes

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The new volume looks at some important emerging food processing technologies in light of the demand for functional food products and high-value and nutritionally rich products. Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products and Processes covers a selection of important recent developments in food processing that work to enrich or maintain nutritional value of food products, including such applications as non-thermal plasma, refractance window drying, extrusion, enzyme immobilization, and dry fractionation.

Dry fractionation, in particular, has emerged as a sustainable alternative to wet processes in last three decades for producing protein concentrates from legumes. Several chapters on fish processing cover both traditional knowledge and advances in fish processing technologies. A chapter on bioethanol production discusses the past and present status of the industry, focusing on economic feasibility and environmental viability. A chapter also discusses traditional fermentation process and nutritional aspects of ethnic foods followed by the Rabha-Hasong, Mishing and Karbi communities of Assam, India.

With the contribution from experts in their respective fields, this volume provides new information on novel food processing technologies.


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