Seaman's Guide to Human Factors, Leadership, and Personnel Management

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Author(s): Jose Rodriguez Cordon

Training and certification for Seafarers has been founded on technical aspects, but maybe the most important thing to do aboard a ship is dealing with people. This book, written with seamen in mind, covers areas of expertise that every officer should know to improve motivation, engagement, teamwork, and conflict handling; in short, to be a leader. This book also covers the new requirements for every officer or merchant marine and can be used in courses on this topic. It focuses on seafarers' needs and the language used, avoiding the excessive use of psychological terms, yet keeping the accuracy.


  • Covers new requirements for every Merchant Marine Officer
  • Written for and by a seaman, with the accuracy of a psychologist
  • Presents knowledge on how to improve motivation, engagement, teamwork, and conflict handling
  • Includes how to manage people in emergency situations and avoid the loss of lives, like the disaster of Costa Concordia and Estonia


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