Micronutrients in Health and Disease, Second Edition

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Author(s): Kedar N. Prasad

Increased oxidative stress due to the production of excessive amounts of free radicals along with the effects of chronic inflammation plays a major role in the initiation and progression of most chronic diseases. In addition, increased release of glutamate plays a central role in the pathogenesis of various disorders.

This second edition of Micronutrients in Health and Disease proposes a novel concept that in order to simultaneously and optimally reduce oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and glutamate, it is essential to increase levels of antioxidant enzymes as well as levels of dietary and endogenous antioxidant compounds at the same time. This is accomplished by activating the Nrf2 pathways and by increasing the levels of antioxidant compounds and B-vitamins through supplementation. This book proposes a mixture of micronutrients that achieves this above goal. The mixture of micronutrients together with modification in diet and lifestyle may reduce the risk of chronic diseases and in combination with standard care, may improve the management of these diseases.


• Provides evidence in support of the idea that increased oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and glutamate are involved in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases.

• Contains three new chapters on Huntington’s disease, Autism spectra, and Prion disease.

• Discusses the role of microRNAs in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases.

• Presents information on regulation of the expression of microRNAs by reactive oxygen species and antioxidants.

Micronutrients in Health and Disease, Second Edition serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to promote healthy aging and prevent and improved management of chronic diseases.


The book is comprehensive. The coverage ranges from the basic fundamentals of
micronutrients with explanations regarding the role of the antioxidant system,
oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, and adaptive immunity to the
scientific rationale underlying the role of micronutrients in
promoting/preventing these biological responses and the mechanisms that
underlie them. There is a particularly useful description of the healthy aging
process versus the common adverse impact of chronic diseases associated with
aging, including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as well as cardiovascular
diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Unique features include a chapter on the role
of micronutrients in protecting against lethal doses of ionizing radiation and
a concluding chapter listing 17 common misconceptions, the underlying
rationale, and the proposed explanation for its misinterpretation.

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