Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine : Research Advancements & Future Perspectives

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Nanotechnology in biology and medicine: Research advancements & future perspectives is focused to provide an interdisciplinary, integrative overview on the developments made in nanotechnology till date along with the ongoing trends and the future prospects. It presents the basics, fundamental results/current applications and latest achievements on nanobiotechnological researches worldwide scientific era. One of the major goals of this book is to highlight the multifaceted issues on or surrounding of nanotechnology on the basis of case studies, academic and theoretical articles, technology transfer (patents and copyrights), innovation, economics and policy management.

Moreover, a large variety of nanobio-analytical methods are presented as a core asset to the early career researchers. This book has been designed for scientists, academician, students and entrepreneurs engaged in nanotechnology research and development. Nonetheless, it should be of interest to a variety of scientific disciplines including agriculture, medicine, drug and food material sciences and consumer products.


  • It provides a thoroughly comprehensive overview of all major aspects of nanobiotechnology, considering the technology, applications, and socio-economic context
  • It integrates physics, biology, and chemistry of nanosystems
  • It reflects the state-of-the-art in nanotechnological research (biomedical, food, agriculture)
  • It presents the application of nanotechnology in biomedical field including diagnostics and therapeutics (drug discovery, screening and delivery)
  • It also discusses research involving gene therapy, cancer nanotheranostics, nano sensors, lab-on-a-chip techniques, etc.
  • It provides the information about health risks of nanotechnology and potential remedies.
  • It offers a timely forum for peer-reviewed research with extensive references within each chapter


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