Intensifying Activated Sludge Using Media-Supported Biofilms

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Author(s): Dwight Houweling, Glen T. Daigger

Intensifying Activated Sludge Using Media-Supported Biofilms will be of interest to practicing wastewater treatment process designers, along with those seeking more compact and energy-efficient wastewater treatment options. The advantages of Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR)-based hybrid processes are now well-established in practice, leading to their increased use in the field. Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR)-based hybrid processes are much newer and offer further systematic process and energy advantages. This book examines the evolution of hybrid technologies as well as the potential for continued improvement of biological wastewater treatment techniques.



  • Reviews current approaches for intensifying biological wastewater treatment processes and their mechanistic bases.
  • Examines hybrid suspended growth/biofilm-based wastewater treatment processes, including the newly-developed MABR-based processes, and their unique dynamic performance characteristics.
  • Presents a novel method for characterizing the performance and process intensification advantages of hybrid processes.
  • Provides guidance for simulating the performance of hybrid processes, including oxygen transfer in MABR hybrid processes.




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