Science and Mathematics for Engineering

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Author(s): John Bird

A practical introduction to the engineering science and mathematics required for engineering study and practice.

Science and Mathematics for Engineering is an introductory textbook that assumes no prior background in engineering. This new edition covers the fundamental scientific knowledge that all trainee engineers must acquire in order to pass their examinations and has been brought fully in line with the compulsory science and mathematics units in the new engineering course specifications. A new chapter covers present and future ways of generating electricity, an important topic.

John Bird focuses upon engineering examples, enabling students to develop a sound understanding of engineering systems in terms of the basic laws and principles. This book includes over 580 worked examples, 1300 further problems, 425 multiple choice questions (with answers), and contains sections covering the mathematics that students will require within their engineering studies, mechanical applications, electrical applications and engineering systems.

This book is supported by a companion website of materials that can be found at www.routledge/cw/bird. This resource includes fully worked solutions of all the further problems for students to access, and the full solutions and marking schemes for the revision tests found within the book for instructor use. In addition, all 447 illustrations will be available for downloading by lecturers.


"The book is one of my personal ‘go to’ books when seeking appropriate worked examples, diagrams, and solutions due to its capable style and composition and sheer coverage – the subject matter that is covered is considerable and thorough."

- Michael Lanigan, Waterford Institute of Technology

"John Bird has always hit the mark in terms of being ‘helpful’ to students particularly in his most recent books as they provide full worked solutions... I think that new materials are important in order to refresh topics and I agree that the section on new energy sources is particularly important and relevant at this time."

- Sandra Schia, Kingston College (Surrey)

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