Android App-Hook and Plug-In Technology

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Author(s): Jianqiang Bao

This book presents the Android plug-in technology used in Android development. This technology is widely used by a majority of Chinese internet companies, and is becoming more widely used worldwide. The book fully describes the history of Android plug-in technology, the installation and startup process, and new features of the Android plug-in technology. It also explores plug-in solutions for peripheral technologies. The book is designed to help Android app developers better understand the underlying technology of the Android system.


  • Introduces Android system knowledge, including the communication between AMS and four components
  • Describes the Hook technique by Proxy.newProxyInstance and reflection, to modify Android system behavior, for example, to launch an activity not declared in the AndroidManifest.
  • Shows how to use the Hook apk packaging process in Gradle
  • Covers how to merge the resources in the plugin app and the host app, and how to merge dex of the host app and all the plugin apps
  • Presents the SO technique and how to launch SO files dynamically


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