Intelligent Systems : Advances in Biometric Systems, Soft Computing, Image Processing, and Data Analytics

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This volume helps to fill the gap between data analytics, image processing, and soft computing practices. Soft computing methods are used to focus on data analytics and image processing to develop good intelligent systems. To this end, readers of this volume will find quality research that presents the current trends, advanced methods, and hybridized techniques relating to data analytics and intelligent systems. The book also features case studies related to medical diagnosis with the use of image processing and soft computing algorithms in particular models.

Providing extensive coverage of biometric systems, soft computing, image processing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, the chapter authors discuss the latest research issues, present solutions to research problems, and look at comparative analysis with earlier results. Topics include some of the most important challenges and discoveries in intelligent systems today, such as computer vision concepts and image identification, data analysis and computational paradigms, deep learning techniques, face and speaker recognition systems, and more.


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