Autonomous and Integrated Parking and Transportation Services

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Author(s): Amalendu Chatterjee

In this book, the author outlines a Robust Web Parking, Truck and Transportation Portal (RWPTTP) for integrating parking and transportation services – a revolutionary approach in contrast to incremental change for managing traffic congestion. Autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IOT), and other interconnected hardware and software tools will assist autonomous parking and transportation services and provide next-century infrastructure for consolidated transportation customer services. The book highlights currently available autonomous parking and transportation technologies, and the development of an integrated and intelligent transportation service/system (IITS) platform, with specific use of technologies to reconfigure the transportation industry. The author also suggests many regulatory and policy changes to simplify data collection, traffic operation, introduction of a duplicate transportation system using light rail (LRs) and high speed rail (SPRs), and redistribution of parking spaces along such routes, using renewable energy.


"This book is a must read for all stakeholders of transportation economics, since it articulates the economic enterprise opportunities for parking solutions – such as creating a "Google" for parking, based on cutting edge technological advances that will create an industry and jobs for the future….This book is a must read for all as we go towards an e-mobility society."

-- Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya, Duke Energy Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA

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