Protective Armor Engineering Design

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Author(s): Magdi El Messiry

There is increasing interest in the area of protective vests, either for protection against bullets or protection from the most realistic threats within domestic frontline operations: edged weapon, knives, and medical needles. This volume addresses that need. This new book provides an in-depth survey of the state-of-the-art research and practical techniques in the area of protected fabrics, especially stab-resistant and bulletproof fabrics.

The book covers:
• The history of protective armor: the long history of the art of protective armor manufacturing.
• Materials used for body armor: the design and materials used for soft armor to increase its perforation-resistance utilizing high-performance fibers.
• Anti-stab and anti-bullet armor design: the different design parameters required for the design of flexible armor in order to stop high-velocity projectiles.
• The comfort of the body armor design: the flexibility, thermal resistivity, and evaporative moisture resistivity through the fabric.
• Methods of testing the flexible body armors: testing the components of flexible body armor, according to the level of the protection required, such as NIJ Standards, HOSDB Body Armour Standards for UK Police, and the German SK1 Standard, among others.

Written by an expert in textile composite material engineering, this volume fills an important gap in the area of protective fabric against stabbing or bullets and provides invaluable practical knowledge for body armor design.


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