Life-Cycle of Structures Under Uncertainty : Emphasis on Fatigue-Sensitive Civil and Marine Structures

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Author(s): Dan M. Frangopol, Sunyong Kim

Life-cycle analysis is a systematic tool for efficient and effective service life management of deteriorating structures. In the last few decades, theoretical and practical approaches for life-cycle performance and cost analysis have been developed extensively due to increased demand on structural safety and service life extension. This book presents the state-of-the-art in life-cycle analysis and maintenance optimization for fatigue-sensitive structures.  Both theoretical background and practical applications have been provided for academics, engineers and researchers.

Concepts and approaches of life-cycle performance and cost analysis developed in recent decades are presented. The major topics covered include (a) probabilistic concepts of life-cycle performance and cost analysis, (b) inspection, monitoring and maintenance for fatigue cracks, (c) estimation of fatigue crack detection, (d) optimum inspection and monitoring planning, (e) multi-objective life-cycle optimization, and (f) decision making in life-cycle analysis. Life-cycle optimization covered in the book considers probability of fatigue crack detection, fatigue crack damage detection time, maintenance times, probability of failure, service life and total life-cycle cost. For the practical application and integration of recently developed approaches for inspection and maintenance planning, efficient and effective multi-objective optimization and decision making are presented.

This book will help engineers engaged in civil and marine structures including students, researchers and practitioners with reliable and cost-effective maintenance planning of fatigue-sensitive structures, and to develop more advanced approaches and techniques in the field of life-cycle maintenance optimization and safety of structures under various aging and deteriorating conditions.

Key Features:

  • Provides the state-of-the-art in life-cycle cost analysis and optimization for fatigue-sensitive structures
  • Provides a solid foundation of theoretical backgrounds and practical applications both for academics and practicing engineers and researchers
  • Covers illustrative examples and recent development for optimum service life management
  • Deals with various structures such as bridges and ships subjected to fatigue




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