Practical Emergency Ophthalmology Handbook : An Algorithm Based Approach to Ophthalmic Emergencies

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This handbook is designed to help shape the thought processes of the eye clinician or trainee and guide them toward the right decision-making pathway in emergency ophthalmology situations. Chapters are titled by the way cases present to eye casualty rather than condition, along with an algorithmic approach on what clinical and laboratory investigations to carry out. There is also guidance on how to perform simple procedures. It is aimed at trainees, general ophthalmologists and those with an interest from allied specialties (including specialist nurses) and professions such as optometrists and emergency medicine doctors.

Key Features

  • Stresses safe and practical navigation of common eye symptoms presented in an emergency setting.
  • Provides guidance on differential diagnosis and includes useful decision-making flowcharts.
  • Emphasizes "how to" approach the eye casualty patient.
  • Shows what can be expected at each stage of the eye injury patient encounter.
  • Presents information appropriate for the entire multi-disciplinary eye casualty team


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