Rubber Plantations and Carbon Management

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Author(s): Arun Jyoti Nath, Biplab Brahma, Ashesh Kumar Das

With the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and the resulting environmental consequences for plants, it is necessary to consider the future of rubber plantations, an important source of latex for rubber production. In this volume, the authors explore the ecology of rubber plantations in the context of carbon management under a scenario of our changing climate. The authors provide an in-depth study of the carbon stock and sequestration potentiality of rubber plantations. The volume also provides information on a biomass estimating model that can be used in the future study of non-harvesting biomass estimation for a variety of plants.

Key features:

• Provides an understanding of the role of rubber plantations in carbon management

• Presents biomass models and biomass carbon stocks

• Explores the impact of land use changes on soil organic carbon

• Looks at ecosystem carbon sequestration

• Explores methods of allometric model development for different growth ages of rubber plantations

• Advances our knowledge of the global carbon cycle that will be helpful in studying changing environmental effects on other crops and plant products.


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