The Physics of CT Dosimetry : CTDI and Beyond

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Author(s): Robert L. Dixon

This book explores the physics of CT dosimetry and provides practical guidance on best practice for medical researchers and practitioners. A rigorous description of the basic physics of CT dosimetry is presented and illustrates flaws of the current methodology.

It also contains helpful (and rigorous) shortcuts to reduce the measurement workload for medical physicists. The mathematical rigor is accompanied by easily-understood physical explanations and numerous illustrative figures.


  • Authored by a recognised expert in the field and award-winning teacher
  • Includes derivations for tube current modulation and variable pitch as well as stationary table techniques
  • Explores abnormalities present in dose-tracking software based on CTDI and presents methods to correct them


"This textbook is a great resource for medical physicists involved in CT dosimetry, even for those who have followed the publications of Dr. Dixon over the years, since it offers a comprehensive discussion, as well as important pitfalls in present-day CT dosimetry. The author is very direct in his criticism of the CTDI-formalism and eloquent points aremade on why a new formalism is needed. However, the take-away message from this textbook is not the criticism, but rather the rigour of mathematics and physics in the derivation and application of the convolution method, which can be used to further the understanding of CT dosimetry."
—Prof Jonas Andersson in Physica Medica (69, 2020, 126)

"This book is written by Professor Robert L Dixon who is very famous in the diagnostic radiology, especially for computed tomography (CT) dosimetry work. This book addresses the needs of all medical physicists who are working on the optimization of CT dose. I am confident that who so ever will refer to this book will appreciate its content. Diagnostic radiology is an integral part of any hospital. CT imparts the largest portion of radiation dose among all radiation diagnostic imaging equipment. As the number of examinations is going up every year, ‘As Low As Reasonably Achievable’ (ALARA) principle has become a central issue for any radiation installation with the intention to bring the doses down. Understanding the concept of CT dose index (CTDI) is a very important topic to optimize the patient doses.
Overall, this book is valuable. I certainly recommend this book to all physicists, teachers, and students who want to get involved in CT dose optimization."
—Prof Gurpreet Singh, Journal of Medical Physics, 2019

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