Systemic and Systematic Project Management

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Author(s): Joseph Eli Kasser

This book applies systems thinking to treat project management in a systemic and systematic manner from a problem-solving perspective. Considering the project as a system, the book discusses traditional project planning and organizing, as well as some neglected aspects of the project, namely how to prevent cost and schedule escalation, how to deal with change, recognize problems in time to prevent project failure and what to do when things go wrong during the implementation states of a project.

This book provides you with a better understanding of the systems approach to problem-solving and project management that will enable you to be more successful at managing projects.


  • Treats projects as systems
  • Presents project management as a problem-solving paradigm
  • Discusses how to incorporate prevention into planning and how to show the value
  • Describes what to do and how to cope with unanticipated problems that arise during the project implementation state
  • Introduces new tools and techniques


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