Advanced Product Quality Planning : The Road to Success

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Author(s): D. H. Stamatis

This book defines, develops, and examines the foundations of the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) methodology. It explains in detail the five phases, and it relates its significance to national, international, and customer specific standards. It also includes additional information on the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), Risk, Warranty, GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing), and the role of leadership as they apply to the continual improvement process of any organization.


  • Defines and explains the five stages of APQP in detail
  • Identifies and zeroes in on the critical steps of the APQP methodology
  • Covers the issue of risk as it is defined in the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, the pending VDA, and the OEM requirements
  • Presents the role of leadership and management in the APQP methodology
  • Summarizes all of the change requirements of the IATF standard


"I really enjoyed how D. H. Stamatis takes you through the basics of the APQP processes from multiple dimensions and draws attention to elements of the process that are often over-looked. This is a great book for professionals that are starting the journey to support and participate in the automobile industry."
Luis Cantu Pena, Johnson Controls

"I sponsor the Advanced Product Quality Planning: The Road to Success by D.H. Stamatis. This is an excellent documented process to achieve execution of the product with excellence and on time.
What is described is a "plan to win." When you follow the steps described with discipline, you can expect to win. As described in the book: The assigned members need to take ownership of the tasks and stay focused. On team work, that will bring synergy, communication, to insure alignment, timing, and planning that results in commitment to the winning results. It will help identify activities that bring continuous improvement to the process and the product."
Antonios Katakis, General Motors, USA

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