Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Product Development

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This volume focuses on novel therapeutics and strategies for the development of pharmaceutical products, keeping the drug molecule as the central component. It discusses current theoretical and practical aspects of pharmaceuticals for the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for health problems. Explaining the necessary features essential for pharmacological activity, it takes an interdisciplinary approach by including a unique combination of pharmacy, chemistry, and medicine along with clinical aspects. It takes into consideration the therapeutic regulations of the USP along with all the latest therapeutic guidelines put forward by WHO, and the US Food and Drug Administration.


“This book focuses on novel therapeutics and strategies for the treatment and/or management for various human ailments. I am delighted to read this book, which encompasses various principles and applications associated with medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical product development. It integrates insights of drug discovery and development through various pharmacological aspects of products, druggable targets of drug candidates and approaches, including nanomedicines. The book will be useful for students, researchers, scientists, and teachers working in cutting-edge research in pharmaceutical technology.”

- From the Foreword by G. S. Singh, PhD, FISCA Professor, Chemistry Department University of Botswana Gaborone, Botswana

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