Bioremediation : A Sustainable Approach to Preserving Earth’s Water

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Bioremediation: A Sustainable Approach to Preserving Earth’s Water discusses the latest research in green chemistry practices and principles that are involved in water remediation and the quality improvement of water.

The presence of heavy metals, dyes, fluoride, dissolved solids and many other pollutants are responsible for water pollution and poor water quality. The removal of these pollutants in water resources is necessary, yet challenging. Water preservation is of great importance globally and researchers are making significant progress in ensuring this precious commodity is safe and potable. This volume illustrates how bioremediation in particular is a promising green technique globally.


  • Addresses bioremediation of all the major water pollutants
  • Approaches the chemistry of water and the concept of water as a renewable resource from a green chemistry aspect
  • Discusses environmental chemistry and the practice of industrial ecology
  • Explains the global concern of adequate high quality water supplies, and how bioremediation can resolve this
  • Explores sustainable development through green engineering


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