Role of Procoagulant Activity in Health and Disease

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Author(s): Gary A. Levy

First published in 1994, Role of Procoagulant Activity in Health and Disease discusses different aspects of the pathobiology and consequences of the induction of cellular procoagulants. The first part of the book addresses the molecular and cellular biology of procoagulant activity induction (PCA). This includes the recent data on cellular pathways of induction of PCA and the molecular nature of the different procoagulants identified to date. The book addresses interactions between macrophages and endothelial cells, focusing on those aspects most relevant to induction of procoagulant activities, including the role of adhesion molecules. The second portion of the book describes the relevance of PCA to a number of human and experimental diseases, including infectious diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, liver disease, renal disease, neoplastic diseases, allograft rejection, and pulmonary disease. This book will not only be of value to the basic scientist, but also to pathologists and clinicians, and to others wishing to understand the role of immunologically mediated induction of cellular coagulants and their relevance to disease.


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