Advanced Optimization for Motion Control Systems

Advanced Optimization for Motion Control Systems

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Author(s): Jun Ma, Xiaocong Li, Kok Kiong Tan

Precision motion control is strongly required in many fields, such as precision engineering, micromanufacturing, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Although great achievements have been made in control engineering, it is still challenging to fulfill the desired performance for precision motion control systems. Substantial works have been presented to reveal an increasing trend to apply optimization approaches in precision engineering to obtain the control system parameters. In this book, we present a result of several years of work in the area of advanced optimization for motion control systems.

The book is organized into two parts: Part I focuses on the model-based approaches, and Part II presents the data-based approaches. To illustrate the practical appeal of the proposed optimization techniques, theoretical results are verified with practical examples in each chapter. Industrial problems explored in the book are formulated systematically with necessary analysis of the control system synthesis.

By virtue of the design and implementation nature, this book can be used as a reference for engineers, researchers, and students who want to utilize control theories to solve the practical control problems. As the methodologies have extensive applicability in many control engineering problems, the research results in the field of optimization can be applied to full-fledged industrial processes, filling in the gap between research and application to achieve a technology frontier increment.


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