An In-Depth Guide to Mobile Device Forensics

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Author(s): Chuck Easttom

Mobile devices are ubiquitous. Therefore, mobile device forensics is absolutely critical. Whether it is civil or criminal investigations, being able to extract evidence from a mobile device is critical. This book covers technical details of mobile devices and transmissions as well as forensic methods for extracting evidence. There are books on specific issues like Android Forensics or iOS forensics. But there is not currently a book that covers all the topics this book will. Furthermore, mobile device forensics is the most common topic I am asked to teach to law enforcement, it is such a critical skill. This is a niche that is not being adequately filled with current titles. The book is aimed towards undergraduates and graduate students studying cybersecurity or digital forensics courses/classes. It covers both technical and legal issues, and includes exercises, tests/quizzes, case studies, and slides to aid comprehension.


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