The Biology Of Social Insects : Proceedings Of The Ninth Congress Of The International Union For The Study Of Social Insects

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Author(s): Michael D. Breed, Charles D. Michener, Howard E. Evans

In this book internationally known experts provide a comprehensive view of current knowledge of social insect biology including much previously unpublished information. Particular emphasis is given to the relationships between social insects and humans; sections are devoted to economically important social insects, pollination, foraging, and the role of insects in ecosystems and agroecosystems. The authors also discuss communication, behavior and caste within insect colonies. A special section focuses on the neurobiology of social insects. A series of papers considers the presocial insects, which live in family groups but without caste differences. Also well represented are the fields of sociobiology and the origins and evolution of social behavior. The book will be valuable to agricultural scientists as well as to entomologists, sociobiologists, ecologists, ethologists, and natural historians. Endocrinologists and neurobiologists will also find important new material.


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