Bioremediation Science : From Theory to Practice

Bioremediation Science : From Theory to Practice

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This book provides state of the art description of various approaches, techniques and some basic fundamentals of bioremediation to manage a variety of organic and inorganic wastes and pollutants present in our environment. A comprehensive overview of recent advances and new development in the field of bioremediation research are provided within relevant theoretical framework to improve our understanding for the cleaning up of polluted water and contaminated land. The book is easy to read and language can be readily comprehended by aspiring newcomer, students, researchers and anyone else interested in this field. Renowned scientists around the world working on the above topics have contributed chapters. In this edited book, we have addressed the scope of the inexpensive and energy neutral bioremediation technologies. The scope of the book extends to environmental/agricultural scientists, students, consultants, site owners, industrial stakeholders, regulators and policy makers.


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