Mass and Energy Balancing : Calculations for Plant Design

Mass and Energy Balancing : Calculations for Plant Design

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Author(s): David Pritchard, Shaik Feroz

The aim of this text is to provide a comprehensive set of calculations relating to mass and energy balances for an entire process plant. An ammonia synthesis plant will be taken as a calculation model to develop the relevant mass and energy balances necessary for the design and subsequent production, as the production of ammonia synthesis gas is an internationally used process. Instead of teaching the basics of mass and energy balances, the text aims to give a detailed series of process integrated and illustrated calculations to help readers develop and design a process plant.

 • Details complete mass and energy calculations related to a manufacturing plant and includes stepwise procedures for mass and energy balances

• Demonstrates how the series of integrated calculations will lead to the production of a specified amount of final product

• Features “teaching” appendices that lay out applications of prior-assumed knowledge, which can be used in conjunction with the main text where more detailed explanation may be needed

• Contains problems linked to various manufacturing sections covered in the text to help readers consolidate their knowledge

This book will serve undergraduate Chemical Engineering students as a teaching aid in capstone design and related courses and gives useful insights to advanced students, researchers, and industry personnel within the Chemical Engineering field.


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