Quality Management in Engineering : A Scientific and Systematic Approach

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Author(s): Jong S. Lim

This book introduces fundamental, advanced, and future-oriented scientific quality management methods for the engineering and manufacturing industries. It presents new knowledge and experiences in the manufacturing industry with real world case studies. It introduces Quality 4.0 with Industry 4.0, including quality engineering tools for software quality and offers lean quality management methods for lean manufacturing. It also bridges the gap between quality management and quality engineering, and offers a scientific methodology for problem solving and prevention. The methods, techniques, templates, and processes introduced in this book can be utilized in various areas in industry, from product engineering to manufacturing and shop floor management. This book will be of interest to manufacturing industry leaders and managers, who do not require in-depth engineering knowledge. It will also be helpful to engineers in design and suppliers in management and manufacturing, all who have daily concerns with project and quality management. Students in business and engineering programs may also find this book useful as they prepare for careers in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

    • Presents new knowledge and experiences in the manufacturing industry with real world case studies
    • Introduces quality engineering methods for software development
    • Introduces Quality 4.0 with Industry 4.0
    • Offers lean quality management methods for lean manufacturing
    • Bridges the gap between quality management methods and quality engineering
    • Provides scientific methodology for product planning, problem solving and prevention management
    • Includes forms, templates, and tools that can be used conveniently in the field


"This is an exceptional book, very timely and useful, and a pleasant surprise for many people who develop technology. Dr. Lim impresses the reader with his bird’s eye view of the history of civilization and the central role that technology played on the way to the advanced societies of today. The treatment is systematic and holistic. It is based on principles many of which emerged from Dr. Lim’s stellar career devoted to quality in the best auto manufacturing companies of the world."

- Adrian Bejan, J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Duke University


"Deming, Juran and other leading experts developed the foundation of quality management. Dr. Lim builds off this foundation and offers a practical guide to manage quality within organizations and across supply chains. His work helps understand the role of quality in the increasing technologically connected world of Industry 4.0. Dr. Lim has advanced our understanding of how to manage quality in an increasingly changing world, which is grounded in principles and the scientific method."

- Kevin Linderman, Curtis L Carlson Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Minnesota

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