Advanced Indium Arsenide-Based HEMT Architectures for Terahertz Applications

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High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) has better performance potential than the conventional MOSFETs. Further, InAs is a perfect candidate for the HEMT device architecture owing to its peak electron mobility. This book characterizes the HEMT based on InAs III-V material to achieve outstanding current and frequency performance. It explains different types of device architectures available to enhance the performance including InAs based single gate (SG) HEMT and double gate (DG) HEMT. The noise analysis of InAs based SG and DG-HEMT is also discussed. The ulterior motive of this book is to characterize the InAs device to achieve terahertz frequency regime with proper device parameters.


  • Explains the influence of InAs material in the performance of HEMTs and MOS-HEMTs.
  • Covers Novel indium arsenide architectures for achieving Terahertz frequencies
  • Discusses impact of device parameters on frequency response
  • Illustrates noise characterization of optimized indium arsenide HEMT’s
  • Introduces Terahertz electronics including sources for terahertz applications.

This book aims at researchers and graduate students in Electronics Engineering, High Electron Mobility Transistors, Semi-conductors, Communications, and Nanodevices.


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