AI for Creativity

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Author(s): Niklas Hageback

What is computational creativity? Can AI learn to be creative?

One of the human mind’s most valuable feature is the capacity to formulate creative thoughts, an ability that through quantum leap innovations has propelled us to the current digital age. However, creative breakthroughs are easier said than done, appearing less frequent and more sporadic than desired, it seems that we have not yet fully cracked the creative code. But with the rapid advances in artificial intelligence which have come to provide an ever closer proximity with the cognitive faculties of mankind, can this emerging technology improve our creative capabilities? What will that look like and will it be the missing link in the man-machine enigma? AI for Creativity provides a fascinating read of what is currently emerging in the very cutting edge area of artificial intelligence and the tools being developed to enable computational creativity that hold the propensity to dramatically change our lives.


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