Nanoelectronic Devices for Hardware and Software Security

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This book has comprehensive coverage of the principles, basic concepts, structure, modelling, practices, and circuit applications of nanoelectronics in hardware/software security. It will also cover the future research directions in this domain. In this evolving era nanotechnology is converting semiconductor devices dimensions from micron technology to nanotechnology. Nanoelectronics would be the key enabler for innovation in nanoscale devices, circuits and systems.

The motive of this research book is to provide relevant theoretical frameworks that include device physics, modeling, circuit design and the latest developments in the experimental fabrication in the field of nanotechnology for hardware/software security. There are numerous challenges in development of models for nanoscale devices (e.g. FinFET, Gate-All-around devices, TFET etc.), Short Channel Effects, Fringing Effects, High leakage current and power dissipation, etc. This book will help in identifying areas where we are facing many challenges and applying many nano devices and circuits techniques to address hardware/software security aspects.


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