Nitrate Handbook : Environmental, Agricultural, and Health Effects

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Nitrate Handbook: Environmental, Agricultural, and Health Effects provides an overview of the entire nitrate cycle and the processes influencing nitrate transformation. It clearly identifies the role of nitrate as an essential nutrient in plant growth, food preservation, and human health.

Using the most up-to-date knowledge and research, this handbook illustrates how the steadily increasing human population and demand for food, which results in higher amounts of nitrate needed by soils, makes new regulations on the management and usage of nitrates a high priority.

A detailed explanation concerning the discrepancies between the public’s perception of nitrate’s harm versus the reality of its human health benefits is given via a balanced and evidence-based approach. All questions pertaining to the influences of nitrate and its derivatives on plant physiology and human health are explored in depth.

This comprehensive resource with contributions from distinguished researches in the field is a must-have for professionals and students who study and work with nitrates.


  1. Includes in depth discussion on the wide spectrum of nitrate present in the environment.
  2. Focuses on the progress made on nitrate research and its importance.
  3. Answers all questions about nitrate and its derivatives’ influences on plant physiology and human health.
  4. Enables decision makers and public authorities to manage social concerns
  5. Compiles in one resource the findings of many distinguished researchers in the field.


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