Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys

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Author(s): David A. Porter, Kenneth E. Easterling, Mohamed Y. Sherif

Revised to reflect recent developments in the field, Phase Transformation in Metals and Alloys, Fourth Edition continues to be the most authoritative and approachable resource on the subject. It supplies a comprehensive overview of specific types of phase transformations, supplemented by practical case studies of engineering alloys. The book’s unique presentation links basic understanding of theory with application in a gradually progressive yet exciting manner. Based on the authors’ teaching notes, the text takes a pedagogical approach and provides examples for applications and problems that can be readily used for exercises.

New in the Fourth Edition:

  • New treatment of ternary phase diagrams, covering the concepts of orthoequilibrium and paraequilibrium
  • Advances in the computation of phase diagrams
  • Expanded treatment of eutectic solidification with practical examples
  • Discussion of bainite transformation updated to reflect current opinions
  • New case studies covering grain refiners in aluminium alloys, additive manufacturing, thin film growth, important aerospace Al-Li alloys, quenched and partitioned steels, and metastable austenitic stainless steels.
  • Each chapter now begins with a list of key concepts
  • Simpler illustrative exercises and references to specific exercises with relevance to real practical applications
  • References to scientific publications and suggestions for further reading updated to reflect experimental and computational advances in metallurgy
  • Unique presentation links theory to application with case studies, detailed examples, and exercises drawn from relevant applications

Aimed at students studying metallurgy and materials science and engineering, the Fourth Edition retains the previous editions’ popular easy-to -follow style and excellent mix of basic and advanced information, making it ideal for those new to the field.

A new solutions manual and PowerPoint figure slides are available for adopting professors.


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