Military Pyrotechnics : Principles and Practices

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Author(s): Ajoy K. Bose

This book covers full spectrum of military pyrotechnics including relevant principles and practices covering topics like initiatory compositions, components and devices, life cycle, sealing, stamping or marking, painting and stenciling, packing and storage, classification, division and compatibility, shelf life, proof, defects and safety and so forth. Divided into three broader sections namely pyrotechnic compositions, ammunitions and safety, the whole treatise aims to provide direct answers to "know what", "know why" and "know how" of the pyrotechnics including detailed appendix on manufacturers of pyrotechnic ammunitions as well.

Features include:

  • Answers intricacies of pyrotechnic compositions and pyrotechnic ammunitions and devices
  • Discusses production and manufacturing, production safety related topics and examples of specific design of products containing discussed mixtures
  • Reviews life cycle, proof requirements of ammunitions, defect classification, rejection analysis, storage, shelf life of ammunitions and safety
  • Explores various concepts, mechanisms, and factors affecting performance and some differences in military pyrotechnics


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