Applied Engineering Statistics

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Author(s): R. Russell Rhinehart, Robert M. Bethea

Thoroughly updated throughout, this second edition will continue to be about the practicable methods of statistical applications for engineers, and as well for scientists and those in business. It remains a what-I-wish-I-had-known-when-starting-my-career compilation of techniques.

Contrasting a mathematical and abstract orientation of many statistics texts, which expresses the science/math values of researchers, this book has its focus on the application to concrete examples and the interpretation of outcomes. Supporting application propriety, this book also presents the fundamental concepts, provides supporting derivation, and has frequent do and not-do notes.

Key Features:

  • Contains details of the computation for the examples.
  • Includes new examples and exercises.
  • Includes expanded topics supporting data analysis.

The book is for upper-level undergraduate or graduate students in engineering, the hard sciences, or business programs. The intent is that the text would continue to be useful in professional life, and appropriate as a self-learning tool after graduation – whether in graduate school or in professional practice.


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