Philosophy of Mathematics : Classic and Contemporary Studies

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Author(s): Ahmet Cevik

The philosophy of mathematics is an exciting subject. This book explores the foundations of mathematical thought. The aim of this book is to encourage young mathematicians into thinking about the philosophical issues behind fundamental concepts and about different views on mathematical objects and mathematical knowledge.

With this new approach, the author rekindles an interest in philosophical subjects surrounding the foundations of mathematics. He offers the mathematical motivations behind the topics under debate. He introduces various philosophical positions ranging from the classic views to more contemporary ones, including subjects which are more engaged with mathematical logic.

Most books on philosophy of mathematics have little to no focus on the effects of philosophical views on mathematical practice, and no concern on giving crucial mathematical results and their philosophical relevance, consequences, reasons, etc. This book fills this gap.

The book can be used as a textbook for a one-semester or even one-year course on philosophy of mathematics.


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