Metamaterials : Technology and Applications

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Metamaterials have been in research limelight for the last few years owing to the exotic electromagnetic features these exhibit. With certain combinational forms of the design, these can be of prudent applications in developing antennas, filters, absorbers, sensors, energy harvesters, and many others. As such, the role of engineered mediums remains greatly important as the frequency region of operation determines the structure (of the medium(s)) to be developed – the fact that is exploited in the on-demand kind of tailoring the electromagnetic response of metamaterials. The relevant R&D investigators show keen interest in the fabrication of varieties of novel miniaturized devices that can be of great potentials in many micro- as well as nanotechnology-oriented applications. With this view point in mind, the Book provides the glimpse of phenomenal growth of research in this direction through covering the topics pivoted to fundamental descriptions, and theoretical and experimental results reported by pioneering scientists. It is expected that the book will be of benefit to novice researchers (such as graduate students) and expert scientists in universities and research laboratories. Some of the contents in the book are centered on industrial applications of metamaterials, thereby making the volume useful to the R&D scientists in certain industries. In summary, the book


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