Composites Innovation : Perspectives on Advancing the Industry

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Composites Innovation: Perspectives on Advancing the Industry provides a panoramic view of innovations in the composites industry, including discussions from business leaders and the university research community on advanced applications in North America, advances in recycling of composites, the use of artificial intelligence, nanocomposites, and emerging smart composites technology. The book is arranged in five key segments including: how composites fit into our world, the basics of the technology, customer insights, pushing the boundaries with concepts from outside the world of composites and emerging composites technologies, and paths forward to find competitive and effective solutions in a timely manner.

  • Considers sustainability and innovation as driving forces for the growth of composites
  • Details materials and process development, including chopped and continuous fiber systems
  • Provides a landscape of the status of intellectual property and patents
  • Discusses use of artificial intelligence to improve business systems with case studies and a new disciplined approach to ideation and innovation
  • Features chapters by an accomplished group of global business and technology leaders

This work provides an excellent resource for current composites business leaders, researchers and educators, and industry professionals, as well as new entrants to this vibrant community, with contributing authors spanning 15 time zones to pioneer new solutions with composite materials.


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