Metabolism and Medicine : The Physics of Biological Engines (Volume 1)

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Author(s): Brian Fertig

Chronic disease states of aging should be viewed through the prism of metabolism and biophysical processes at all levels of physiological organization present in the human body. This book describes the building blocks of understanding from a reasonable but not high-level technical language viewpoint, employing the perspective of a clinical physician. It brings together concepts from five specific branches of physics relevant to biology and medicine, namely, biophysics, classical electromagnetism, thermodynamics, systems biology and quantum mechanics.

Key Features:

  • Broad and up-to-date overview of the field of metabolism, especially connecting the spectrum of topics that range from modern physical underpinnings with cell biology to clinical practice.
  • Provides a deeper basic science and interdisciplinary understanding of biological systems that broaden the perspectives and therapeutic problem solving.
  • Introduces the concept of the Physiological Fitness Landscape, which is inspired by the physics of phase transitions

This first volume in a two-volume set, primarily targets an audience of clinical and science students, biomedical researchers and physicians who would benefit from understanding each other’s language.


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