Metabolism and Medicine : The Metabolic Landscape of Health and Disease (Volume 2)

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Author(s): Brian Fertig

Chronic disease states of aging should be viewed through the prism of metabolism and biophysical processes at all levels of physiological organization present in the human body. This book connects these insights to what causes them to go awry in the context of unhealthy human behaviors and aging, aiming to buttress scientific creativity. It also provides links between the art and science of medicine that strengthens problem-solving in patient care. New and important discoveries in the area of metabolic health and metabolic diseases are discussed in exquisite detail.

Key Features:

  • Broad and up-to-date overview of the field of metabolic aspects of health and chronic disease development, especially connecting the spectrum of topics that range from molecular clocks to stress response to nuclear hormone receptors and the role of microbiota in human health
  • Provides a deeper basic science and interdisciplinary understanding of biological systems that broaden the perspectives and therapeutic problem solving by elaborating on the usefulness of the Physiological Fitness Landscape
  • Describes the importance of insulin resistance in metabolic disease, especially diabetes but also includes links to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Examines the process of aging from the perspective of metabolic decline illustrating it with the Physiological Fitness Landscape

This book, the second volume in a two-volume set, primarily targets an audience of clinical and science students, biomedical researchers and physicians who would benefit from understanding each other’s language.


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