Computing Technologies and Applications : Paving Path Towards Society 5.0

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Making use of digital technology for social care services is the major responsibility of computing domain. Social care services require attention for ease in societal systems, e-farming and automation etc.

Thus the book focuses on suggesting software solutions for supporting societal issues such as health care, learning and monitoring mythology for disables and also technical solutions for better living. It is considered that technology is enabling people so that they could access to advances and so that there could be benefits in the health and technology.

To undergo digital transformation, it is needed to completely re-engineer their current processes to make use of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and others. Furthermore, it is also important to consider digital initiatives in tandem with their cloud strategy instead of treating them in isolation.

At present, the world is going through another, possibly even stronger revolution: the use of recent computing models to perform complex cognitive tasks to solve societal problems in ways that were previously either highly complicated or extremely resource-intensive.

This book not only focuses the computing technologies, basic theories, challenges, and implementation but also covers case studies. It focuses on core theories, architectures, and technologies necessary to develop and understand the computing models and its applications. The book also has the high potential to be used as recommended textbook for research scholars and post-graduate programs.

  • The book deals with problem solving approach using recent tools and technology for problems in health care, societal care etc.
  • Interdisciplinary studies are emerging as both necessary and expedient in the academy.
  • It helps to improve computational thinking to ‘understand and change the world’. It will be a link between computing and variety of other fields.
  • Case studies on Social Aspects of modern societies and smart cities add into contents of the book for enhancing book adoption potential


This book will be useful for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and industry professionals. Every chapter will be covering one possible solution in detail along with results.


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