Microextraction Techniques in Analytical Toxicology

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"Microextraction techniques in analytical toxicology" provides the information readers need to include about cutting-edge sample preparation techniques into their everyday analytical practice, including comprehensive information about principle and state-of-art on microextraction sample preparation techniques for analysis of drugs and poisons in biological specimens especially in forensic and clinical settings.

The book also focuses on theoretical discussion of solid-based and liquid-based microextraction techniques, their method development, validation, and applications. A detailed compilation of analytical protocols based on published microextraction procedures to aid in method development, synthesis, and application of green solvents (ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents) and new sorbents such as molecularly imprinted polymers and their application in microextraction techniques are also covered.


  • Provides a systematic review of microextraction techniques applied in analytical toxicology.
  • A comprehensive guide for practical implementation of microextraction techniques in forensic, clinical and analytical laboratories.
  • Contains figures and tables for easy understanding and quick adaptation of parameters of microextraction techniques.
  • Fundamentals, development, and applications of microextraction techniques as a sample preparation procedure are discussed in detail.
  • Extremely useful for the researchers and academicians engaged in the analytical method development using microextraction techniques.

This book appeals to a wide readership of forensic, clinical, and analytical toxicologists, academicians, and researchers. Written by eminent scientists and leading experts on sample preparation techniques, this book serves as a desk reference for routine laboratory analysis and an indispensable teaching tool in the classrooms for graduate and Ph.D. students.


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