Nanozymes : Advances and Applications

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This book presents the state-of-the art advances and applications of nanozymes, the recently developing branch of enzymology that synthesizes and uses nanomaterials that mimic the function of traditional enzymes. During the past decade, the study of nanozymes has grown rapidly. Several new nanomaterials that exhibit enzymatic actions have been identified, along with new applications for their practical use. This book draws upon the work of experts from around the world and provides an in-depth analysis and cutting-edge overview of nanozymes, with an eye to their present and future applications. The book chapters have been arranged in a logical order to provide physio-chemical characterization of nanozyme and basic mechanisms of their enzymatic actions. Focusing on current limitations of nanozymes and their reaction kinetics, the book presents a comprehensive discourse on nanozyme engineering that includes possible surface modifications to enhance nanozyme effectiveness. The book also focuses on traditional and novel nanozyme applications such as biosensing, drug delivery, disease therapy, and their use as antibacterials. An important addition in this book is the summary of emerging literature on nanozyme toxicology. This book is intended as a ready reference for advanced undergraduate and graduate students doing research in nanotechnology, materials science, and chemistry and chemical, biological, biomedical, and food engineering. Research and development scientists, engineers, and technologists working in the chemical and biological/biomedical industries will gain much from the materials in this book for their industry practice.


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