Intelligent and Sustainable Cement Production : Transforming to Industry 4.0 Standards

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This book captures the path of digital transformation that the cement enterprises are adopting progressively to elevate themselves to ‘Industry 4.0’ level. Digital innovations-based Internet of Things (IoT) and AI are pertinent technologies for the cement enterprises as the manufacturing processes operate at very large scales with multiple inputs, outputs, and variables, resulting in the essentiality of big data management. Featuring contributions from cement industries worldwide, it covers various aspects of cement manufacturing from IoT, Machine Learning and Data analytics perspective. It further discusses implementation of digital solutions in cement process and plants through case studies.


  • Present an up-to-date, consolidated view on modern cement manufacturing technology, applying new systems.
  • Provides narration of complexity and variables in modern cement plants and process.
  • Discusses evolution of automation and computerization for the process.
  • Covers application of ERP techniques to cement enterprises.
  • Includes data-driven approaches for energy, environment, and quality management.

This book aims at Researchers and Industry professionals involved in Cement Manufacturing, Cement Machinery and System Suppliers, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Chemistry.


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