Nutraceuticals for Aging and Anti-Aging : Basic Understanding and Clinical Evidence

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Aging can be perceived differently during different times in one’s life. Aging as a process is not only influencing medical and economic dimensions at an indiviual level but also at the societal and national level. Aging is a natural process, however its standard definition in healthcare context is yet unclear. To delay the aging process and to live quality of life until end of age, are two goals of prime importance. Various healthcare approaches are being thought and experimented to best manage aging as if a disease.


Nutraceuticals are value added dietary supplement products and have an immense potential in altering key structures and functions of aging. Nutraceuticals can be a keystone in altering sub-normal performing physiological and metabolical systems due to aging. Nutraceuticals for Aging and Anti-Aging: Basic Understanding and Clinical Evidence addresses aging and anti-aging nutraceuticals based on 10 major challenges, such as cognitive health, malnutrition, substance abuse, bladder control, and oral health, among others. It examines how these challenges can be complemented with nutraceuticals and connecting the applications with the traditional wisdom of the aging process.


Key Features

  • Examines the aging process, then recommends nutraceuticals for aging and anti-aging processes.
  • Describes the aging process from the western perspective, Ayurvedic medicine (Indian traditional system) and traditional Chinese medicine perspectives
  • Provides, whenever possible, the clinical evidences of the applications of Nutraceuticals for aging and anti-aging


This book is a valuable resource for physicians, clinical experts, pharmaceutical companies and their experts, nutrition specialists-entrepreneurs, chemists, pharmacists, food chemists-technologists, as well as researches and post-graduate students involved in these specialties.

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