Capturing Value in Digital Health Eco-Systems : Validating Strategies for Stakeholders

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Author(s): Felix Lena Stephanie, Ravi S. Sharma

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals call for the establishment of Good Health and Well-being and targets a universal digital healthcare ecosystem by 2030. However, existing technology infrastructure is ineffectual in achieving the envisioned target and requires massive reconfiguration to achieve its intended outcome. This book suggests a way forward with fair and efficient digital health networks that provide resource efficiencies and inclusive access to those who are currently under-served. Specifically, a fair and efficient digital health network that provides a common platform to its key stakeholders to facilitate sharing of information with a view to promote cooperation and maxim benefits. A promising platform for this critical application is ‘cloud technology’ with its offer of computing as a utility and resource sharing. This is an area that has attracted much scholarly attention as it is well-suited to foster such a network and bring together diverse players who would otherwise remain fragmented and be unable to reap benefits that accrue from cooperation. The fundamental premise is that the notion of value in a digital-health ecosystem is brought about by the sharing and exchange of digital information.

Notwithstanding the potential of information and communication technology to transform the healthcare industry for the better, there are several barriers to its adoption, the most significant one being misaligned incentives for some stakeholders. This monograph suggests among other findings, that e-health in its true sense can become fair and efficient if and only if a regulatory body concerned assumes responsibility as the custodian of its citizens’ health information so that ‘collaboration for value’ will replace ‘competition for revenue’ as the new axiom in delivering the public good of healthcare through digital networks. Besides suggesting how e-health can become fair and efficient, the book also explores business models that could perpetuate significant values in the e-health ecosystem.


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