Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing : Methods, Applications and Process Automation

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Author(s): Dilshad Ahmad Khan, Zafar Alam, Faiz Iqbal

This comprehensive reference text discusses the concepts of the magnetic field assisted finishing processes that ranges from material removal mechanisms, process parameters, and equipment involved to the industry specific applications.

The text discusses various aspects of surface finishing including types of material to be finished, types of finishing abrasives and their characteristics for material compatibility, that are different from process specific details. It covers important concepts including magnetic float polishing (MFP), magnetorheological jet finishing (MRJF), magnetorheological abrasive honing (MRAH), and rotational magnetorheological abrasive flow finishing (R-MRAFF).

Aimed at graduate students and professionals in the fields of mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, production engineering, manufacturing, and industrial engineering, this text:

  • Discusses wide range of magnetic field assisted finishing processes in a comprehensive manner.
  • Covers different process parameters by considering their effects on the finishing output.
  • Provides process limitations to achieve optimal yield.
  • Covers numerical explanations for better selection of process parameters.
  • Discusses automation of processes with state-of-the-art technologies.


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