Natural Polymers for Pharmaceutical Applications : Volume 1: Plant-Derived Polymers

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This new volume, Natural Polymers for Pharmaceutical Applications, Volume 1: Plant-Derived Polymers, presents some of the latest research on the applications of natural polymers in drug delivery and therapeutics for healthcare benefits. Polymers and their applications from several plants are discussed in depth, including tamarind gum, gum Arabic, natural carbohydrate polymer gum tragacanth, pectin, guar gum and its derivatives, locust bean gum, sterculia gum, okra gum, and others.

The use of the polymers derived from plants as potential pharmaceutical excipients is expanding day by day because of their stability in the biological system, drug-releasing capability, drug-targeting abilities, as well as their bioavailability.


“A well-engrossed concept on application of natural plant derivatives as pharmaceutical additives. . . .  The superlative collection on the application of plant derivatives in design of novel drug delivery systems, such as micro and nanoparticles, throws an insight on the useful applications of plant-derived products. I would say with a definite certitude that the book will prove to be an exemplary reference for academicians and scientist working in the field of plant-derived products for pharmaceutical applications.” 

- Dr. Tahir Ansari, Assistant Professor, University of Kualalumpur, Malaysia

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